The Firebird's Curse

Ember is tired of everyone telling her she’s too young to do everything she wants to do. So when her younger sister, Myrrh, wants to go to the mysterious and forbidden traveling Magji caravan, Ember jumps at the chance to do something out of the ordinary. Even if that means disobeying her parents.

But when a shadowy fortuneteller gives Ember an ominous warning, both girls leave the caravan unsettled. On their way home, Myrrh disappears and Ember is cursed by a hooded figure that calls itself the “Marwor.”

Doomed to pass the day as a firebird, and haunted by the Marwor’s followers by night, Ember travels to seek the wise Lachoneus in the Anatoli Mountains before the curse consumes her by the next harvest moon.

With the help of Char Ura, a handsome hunter exiled from his homeland, and Una Cotovia, a royal singer escaped from a twisted collector, the three unlikely friends will embark on an unforgettable journey to free Ember from the Marwor’s curse and find her lost sister.

But will their quest bring them to the end of their troubles, or the beginning?

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