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I'm a Staff Assistant at the Liahona magazine. I'm also a part-time photographer, a part-time writer and a full-time dreamer :)

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Currently, I'm working on a YA fantasy that's a cross between Swan Princess and Terry Pratchet. I'm also writing a ghost story, which is a cross between The Haunting of Hill House and What Lies Beneath. I have plans to write a historical fiction novel about Hatshepsut as well as an adult mystery novel. Afterwards, I have outlines for a comedic screenplay, a fantasy adventure for children, a redemption realistic fiction novel for teens, and a coming of age story for children. I've finished an urban/dystopian fantasy adventure novel for teens, though I won't try to get it published for a few more years. Lets just say... I have my work cut out for me!


For your viewing pleasure, I have posted a teaser for my current novel, Siren as well as a writing experiment such as Fireflies, the first chapter of my young adult novel An Unexpected Theft and my children's book excerpt at the top of the page. Feel free to read & give feedback in the comments section! :) Happy reading!

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Currently I'm working for the Liahona magazine after serving a full-time mission in Londrina, Brazil. Just trying to figure out what the future holds as I write all the stories down that are rolling around in my head :)


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Thursday, August 1, 2013
Yes, I'm going to do it. This past year as a writer has been a series of ups & downs, or high rises & pot holes. And here to explain my story perfectly, is a collection of animated gifs I've come across over the year.

So it kind of started after I got a BRILLIANT idea, and with me feeling like this:
and pretty much after every single chapter review in my writing group I'd walk out of there like this:
And then looking over it the next day, it would end kind of like this:
And then I'd go back to the drawing board to fix it looking a lot like this:
But then I'd get good reviews either in class or in my writing group & start looking like this:
Pretty much every day my mother would ask me the same question:
Then I'd come across a former classmate or friend or teacher who's having minor success & say something like:
And then after my last & FINAL draft I start to realize I have to edit all 40,000 words of what I wrote and it turns into something like this:
and this:
and some of this:
and a bit of this too:
but then I get a lil confidence boost & start feeling like this:
and then I start sending out query letters and get no response, making me think this:
and some of this:
but eventually I'm sure I'll start feeling like the badass that I am, which is something like:
and I'll probably say something like this to my haters:

because once the royalty checks start coming in I'll be feeling like this:

so here's to the first of many books! and the first of many successes I have yet to have! :)

Mega Mega


manicexpressionsblog said...

baahaha!!! This is hilarious. And, identifiable. ;)

Congrats on your novel!

Sister VerHoef said...

Thanks! :) I had fun finding them!