Monday, December 6, 2010

Vent Session

So it all started last night. I first had nightmares about how I randomly wake up incredibly fat with hair in places I didn't think was possible.... after that I actually wake up with a bad stomach ache & the urge to throw up. Finally I went back to sleep and ended up having more nightmares, but this time about my grammar class...

After waking up, late for class, I try to start my car but as it turns out it was completely out of gas. On top of the fact that it was cold and wet and gross outside. So I walk to the class that I hate & back and realize I have nothing to eat. But after my nightmares last night I figured maybe that's just as well.

So after my kind & loving roommate takes me to the gas station to fill up I end up spilling gasoline ALL OVER ME. On top of the fact that my fingers were cold & raw from the freaking weather. Not to mention the fact that my back was killing me today from the part of the wall that fell on me Saturday night when we were taking down the set for the opera.....

Let's just say, I've had better days. But now I'm nice & cozy in my apartment, baking a birthday cake for a good friend of mine. So maybe today ended a little better than it began.



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