Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the record

I understand that everyone seems to be genuinely concerned with my dating life & the misinformation that I am "in a rush to get married." Although I appreciate the advice & the analogies concerning Ruth & Boaz, rest assured:

Since I've moved to Utah, the pressure I felt at BYU-Idaho to get married has lessened almost completely.

You may not believe this, but I am actually in no hurry to get married at all. I know this doesn't seem believable, but trust me when I say, I'm very content with my life the way it is right now. I've got a great job that I love now, and I'm still in the process of starting a little photography business as well as finishing my 3 books I started writing several years ago.

I'm fine.

I think what people are confusing my alleged "rush to get married" is just the fact that my luck with relationships hasn't been the best lately. There's a huge difference between getting frustrated with the dating game, as EVERYONE does, and being in a hurry to get married. I am the first one. Not the latter.

So thank you for your advice & concern. I appreciate it that I have so many people who love & care about me, but since I've been in Utah, I've been rather happy with my status as an un-married woman.



  1. THAT's what we all want to hear! Now just make sure Russ knows this so the next time you forget to log off and he hi-jacks your FB status, he'll say something different! :)

  2. And your sister's right--time for a profile and profile pic update! :)

  3. Good girl! Remember - I wish I'd used my single years to do stuff and become stuff and actually live my life instead of moping around for a not be like me!!

    And yes, a pretty shot by Audra for your profile pic and an updated 'About Me' would be a good idea. Not that I'm being bossy AT ALL...

    P.S. Blogger's being a douche and won't let me post as myself.


  4. Marriage? Marriage is so overrated just be single forever. Jason

  5. Haha well said Jason!!