Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Choose Your Battles

I have always had a hard time being wrong. It's a tough-horse-pill to swallow to say the least. So when I'm right, I am right. And until I am backed up by other sources repeating that I was right I won't stop. I bask in the glory that is being right.

And here's why I am this way. I'm not right 98% of the time. On most everything I know very little about in order to have a successful argument & I usually lack in information on either side of the debacle. So the 2% of the time when I am right, I relish in it. And why shouldn't I? Everyone else triumphs over me when they prove me wrong, so on the rare-once in a Blue moon-event that I am right, I'm gonna milk it for all its worth, baby.

Here's an example:

One time in high school, I was talking to a group of people (the majority were guys) discussing Pepsi vs. Coca Cola products. And the topic turned to my favorite drink of all time, Dr. Pepper. The conversation proceeded like this,

Douchey Guy: Dr. Pepper's a Pepsi product.
Me: No it isn't.
Douchey Guy: Yeah it is! It's always with the Pepsi drinks. It's a Pepsi product.
Me: No it's not. Dr Pepper is its own company. It's not Pepsi or Coke.
Douchey Guy: No it's not...
Me: Uh, yeah it is bro. It's based out of Texas.
Douchey Guy: No it's not.
Me: My BROTHER works for Coca Cola. I know I'm right.
Douchey Guy: No you're not.

After a few minutes of googling the problem, I finally came out on top. I was right. Dr. Pepper was & is its own company & I thoroughly enjoyed rubbing it in his face afterwards. Because every time I have ever been proven wrong by this kid, he made a point to not only gloat to me but to all of his friends & tell everyone he knew that I was wrong about one thing or another.

That is one scenario in which I was right in my 23 years of existence. Now I'm sure I've been right about other things, but they were on a lesser scale because I was correcting someone who never tried to one-up me or prove me wrong about stuff. When they were right they told me and left it at that, and when I was right, I told them & left it at that.

But if some douchey guy, past or present, is on a constant quest to always be the one in the right, always argue with me, and deliberately try to make me feel like I'm stupid, you bet your pretentious ass I'm gonna gloat & rub it in your face when I'm right. You could set your clock by it. It's going to happen. It's all a matter of when.

I'm going to be so happy to find a guy who I can have discussions with and not competitions or arguments with.


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