Friday, October 5, 2012

50 Shades of Garbage

So, after doing more research on the book Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James, I'm even more appalled and disgusted that this is a New Yorks Times Bestseller. & even more so that women are reading this and are thrilled about this piece of crap.

Everywhere on pinterest, facebook, blogs etc. there's talk such as, "omg! if this becomes a movie, ian somerhalder should totes be cast for christian grey! lol! <3 omg! he's totes gorg!"

..... Insert vomit here......

Seriously, this is a disgrace to real writers, to the authors who have developed excellent plots, superb character developments, fantastic twists and turns in the storyline, and who have worked their asses off to create a story that touches, inspires, uplifts and speaks to the very soul of a reader.

And yet you choose this? This pornographic, flat, debasing, awfully written Twilight fan fiction that's simply had the names of the characters changed? This? You pick this?

So no more Jane Austen, no more John Keats, no more Princess Bride, no more Bronte Sisters, no more Shakespeare? No more real and beautiful love stories? No more stories where the heroine is strong in her endeavors and gentleman are always gentleman? No more epic romances where the good guy gets the girl, and the bad guy goes to jail or is reviled? None of that?

Ellen Degeneres brings a more lighthearted approach to this awful piece of "so-called literature", but before I let Ellen be awesome & say what the rest of the sane world is thinking, let me just leave here with this statement:

Pornography goes both ways. & if you don't think women should be subjected to the degradation and defilement that pornographic images or media bring; making women out to be a piece of meat, and only created for man's pleasurable interests, then sweetheart, the door swings BOTH ways. If guys are encouraged not to take part in pornography, even though their pornography is different, this filth that is on every single Barnes & Noble bookshelf in the nation is just another example of PORN.

Take it away Ellen,



  1. I LOVE this clip!! Well said both you and Ellen!!!!

  2. I LOVE this clip!! Well said both you and Ellen!!!!