Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Define "Conniption"

So, unfortunately, one of my very good friends has already heard this but I'm gonna have to submit this rant into the expansive void that is the internet.

And whether or not I receive a reply or response is irrelevant. I just really wanna get this off my chest because I'm losing far too much sleep.

First off, the most pressing thing on my mind and soul is the fact that I am a college graduate with one constant part-time job. I spent four years and $25,000 earning a Bachelor's degree and making less now than I did as a student.

According to certain statistics I've found, a woman with a Bachelor's degree should be making about $47,030 a year. Now, for an English degree, I should be making between $35,800-$68,900 a year. These jobs can range from journalism, to technical writers. Now, do you wanna know what I make a year on one part-time job as a content developer?

Guess. Just guess.

I make $14,400 a year after taxes. 14,400. That's not even half what I should be making and I've been out of school for well over a year.

Needless to say, I am incredibly pissed off! Seriously?! This sum may be enough to live on, but I'm a DAMN COLLEGE GRADUATE. I should be able to afford to fix my car, pay off my student loan, get completely out of debt, put aside money for savings, and be able to have enough money to shop at Barnes & Noble on occasion or Charlotte Russe.

But no. NO. I'm stuck working ONE part-time job, that granted is good and I can't complain about it except for the fact that I'M NOT MAKING WHAT I'M WORTH.

And do you want to know why? There are several different theories...
1.) There's a little something called Degree Inflation. Yes it exists. Basically, what happened is that a Bachelor's degree today is the equivalent of a High school diploma 10 years ago. The Wall Street Journal even did an article on it! Found here:
People who earned not only one but two degrees end up getting laid off and eventually work for WalMart....Oh yay... and this is what I was so looking forward to in entering the career force after college... YOUUUU SCUNOFABITCH! I'm sorry but this is absolutely unacceptable! But it also begs the question, what the hell am I supposed to do now? I have been discouraged from getting a Master's degree because it won't guarantee anything and I'll go further into debt, but neither is a freaking Bachelor's degree!
2.) The job market SUCKS. I mean majorly sucks. The unemployment rate is now at 7.8%! More specifically, the jobs that I have applied for, (call center jobs, retail etc.) things that I'm completely over-qualified for I'm not getting! Wth?!
3.) Stuff that I am doing, like internships, etc. I should be getting paid for! I'm sorry but my talents are not free. I am not willing to sacrifice my well-being to people who obviously don't appreciate the time & effort that goes into fulfilling and accomplishing projects.

I am so sick of this. On top of all of this stress in worry, which as you can see has taken up more than an entire page, there's the election going on, my friend's asking me to help them with their projects, my own personal novel I'm trying to write, and the fact that I for once would like to be able to have more than just 3 bowls and 8 pieces of silverware in my cupboards.

I'm seriously about ready to pull my own hair out.

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  1. Would love to post some cheery comment here, but as someone who has twice your degrees, twice your debt, and more than twice your age, all I can say is...well...nothing.

    You're right. It sucks.

    Where's the chocolate? :)