Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Late night musings...

Well I don't wanna go to bed. Last night I had a terrible time falling asleep with so many things on my mind both good & bad that I figure purging them all here might help me get some sleep tonight. If none of this makes sense I apologize in advance haha.

This past weekend has been a very busy one. I started off my weekend going to Broulims & ended up in the Madison County Hospital... needless to say not a very good start to my Saturday. But it was a lesson well learned & I've learned a lot from both being in an ambulance & sitting in a hospital room. No biggie, I'm totally fine now, but it's just kinda fun to reminisce & look back on the experience. I suppose I should give some background as to why I ended up there in the first place.

I had a few fainting spells about 2 weeks ago which I shrugged off because I thought it was just because I wasn't eating enough. (I have a high metabolism so if I even skip breakfast by 11:00 I'm in trouble) This time, however, it was a bit different considering it was due to *cough cough* feminine issues... yeah anyways, I decided to drive to get some medicine for that little problem (men be glad you don't have to deal with this) and started immediately feeling horrible when I was at the light across the street from Broulim's. Blackness gathered at the corners of my eyes & I said several prayers out loud begging Heavenly Father to get me to the parking lot so I don't get into a wreck which luckily I did. I laid down in my car feeling worse & worse and finally decided to try walking into Broulims. If I could just make it to a bathroom I'll be fine, I kept thinking. No such luck! I started getting more nauseous and dizzy until finally several times I nearly fainted in the parking lot outside of the store. People came up to me asking if I was okay & I kept saying over and over I'm fine I just need to get to a bathroom. Well, I ended up passing out just inside by the carts...

Next thing I knew they were calling the ambulance and the first thing that went through my mind was "Oh shit... how am I going to pay for this?" haha, then I see EMT's everywhere asking if I was okay, what are my symptoms, do I have any medical history etc etc. Well I end up throwing up twice & then after that an IV stuck up in me on my way to the hospital. I wasn't about to go, but I knew my mom would kill me if she found out I refused so I finally gave in & went. I'm sure I don't need to explain my extreme displeasure in being at a hospital... especially with my family history with hospitals & doctors. Needless to say I start feeling anxious and uncontrollably start shaking. This is where my lessons come in...

First off, Ambulance people (EMTs etc) are way cooler than nurses/doctors etc. They were joking around with me & asking me questions about my life & seemed genuinely concerned about me the entire time. They even offered to get me a blanket when I was safe & sound in the room at the hospital & jokingly told the nurse that I liked them better than her :)

Second off, it definitely SUCKS when you're alone in a hospital room where all your loved ones & friends are miles & miles away from you. Well the first person I call is Chris, naturally, & tell him what went down. He definitely was a lot easier to talk to than my mom & didn't freak out (probably because he knew I was being taken care of whereas when I passed out at work, I wasn't around people who knew how to take care of me). I never realized how much I missed him until I heard his voice & immediately all I want is for my hand to be held by him, so another lesson to be learned is that, if you must pass out/be taken to the hospital, make sure you happen to do it with people around to take care of you :) just if you can of course haha

And thirdly, you are definitely overreacting when a nurse asks if you have a living will as one of the "mandatory questions" they ask. Right when she said that I replied, "Do you know something I don't? Should I? This is definitely the time to make sure I leave Audra all my clothes & jewelry..." turns out though, it's just a standard procedure. Just fyi.

Well that was my little adventure this past weekend! Sorry if this is new to anyone, I did post it on facebook for a while, but like I said, it's not a big deal at all because I'm fine now :) No harm done!


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