Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I guess it had been too long since I logged in here...

And therefore the blogger people kicked me off! Well ya can't get rid of me that easy! So I decided to write a new blog & be a little better about keeping up with it. I am always so jealous when I see my sister, mom & friend's blogs all cooler than mine with hundreds of entries compared to my lame blog that has a generic template with 4 entries all months apart. So here are some things that I'm gonna try doing better come this semester:

1. Work out more (even though Jillian Michaels will definitely be the death of me. I sometimes have nightmares of her coming out of the T.V. & mauling me because I haven't done her 40 minute work out)
2. Be better at being clean & organized (to a lot of you this doesn't come as a shock at all. You merely have to peek through my car windows and BLAM-O, you see a complete disaster.)
3. Not stress out about so many things. (My poor boyfriend must ram his head against the wall every time I have a minor freak out.)
4. Do better managing my money (be smarter about buying cheap but good food since that's mostly what I spend my money on! I'm a weird girl... no shoes or clothes or purses or any of that crap. Just food haha)

Well there you have it! My Fall Semester resolution. We'll see how long this lasts... haha.


xoxo Mega-Mega

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  1. You're too adorable. Please keep writing, I love hearing about your adventures!!