Sunday, February 3, 2013

When it pours, it floods...

There's a tried but true phrase that says, "When it rains, it pours." When people usually apply this particular statement, it's usually to describe a situation that has gone from bad to worse. When bad things happen, there are LOTS of bad things happening.

But I'd like to alter this cliche slightly to describe when inspiration hits. "When it pours, it floods." As most everyone knows I'm working on a novel that I really feel could be the future of young adult literature. It's unique, with well-rounded characters, a female lead who isn't strong at first, but grows stronger through out the story, and a different post-apocalyptic/dystopian environment. The only thing that it's similar to that I can think of, is the movie V for Vendetta. But I'm happy to say, that the only thing I borrowed/ drew inspiration from it, was with the government banning the arts and music and having a tight control on its people. Everything else, my idea!

Currently I'm on chapter 10 in my story, but just last night I got inspiration for another book that could definitely be made into a movie. In fact, it's probably more fit for the silver screen than black and white and read all over. :)

Last night I had probably the worst case of insomnia ever. I'm not exaggerating when I say I maybe got 20 minutes of sleep in total. It was awful. And I really don't know where it came from. I was swearing and praying, sometimes at the same time that I could get some mother-effing sleep, that never came. As I dozed, however, I started dreaming about my experiences in retail, both current and past experiences. Some of the stories are funny, some are painful, and some are downright terrible.

This case of restlessness has lead me to a comedic piece of writing that I'm thrilled to pursue after Siren is finished. I imagine if this new story were to be made into celluloid, the producers/director of Pitch Perfect or Bridget Jones' Diary would be heavily involved.

Writing a comedy is probably the hardest genre to do. If it's not done well, it's a complete disaster no matter who is cast or who is directing it. But I'm excited for the challenge! Siren is a very intense young adult novel that at times takes itself too seriously, like The Hunger Games or Maze Runner but this new idea I received last night will be a breath of fresh air for me. None of my friends or family members will have to put up with my moodiness or angst like they have with me writing Siren.

I've always been afraid that as a writer, I'd run out of ideas for things to write about, and then my career as a novelist will be over. But after having 4 new story outlines I've produced, not including Siren, I'm confident I'll never be want for inspiration.

Here's to future best-selling novels & blockbuster films! And here's to the writers that started out with nothing who now have everything!

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