Friday, November 19, 2010

Blessings, blessings, blessings!

So I should be in bed right now. I have a class in less then 7 hours. But I'm not even a little bit tired!

After watching National Lampoon's Christmas vacation at my favorite guy's apartment, I can't help but remember all of the blessings that Heavenly Father has given me. Kind of a funny thing to think about, especially after a Chevy Chase movie, but I think with the mixture of the holidays, family & amazing friends that I have, I've come to realize how ungrateful I've been.

Not that I never thank Heavenly Father for anything. I thank Him for many things in my prayers every night! But I do think it extends to our attitudes just as much as verbally expressing our thanks, you know? My attitude has been such a bad one lately that it could easily be seen as being ungrateful. Which I really need to work on... and honestly the things that put me in a foul mood are things that, in all honesty, are not that big of a deal at all!

Sure I complain about this stupid Opera that I'm being forced to do, the fact that I feel lonely on Friday nights and how I wish I could be in a warmer climate, but really, there are so many good things that are going well in my life right now that I rarely, if ever, talk about here.

I mean, I'm healthy. No more fainting spells (which I'm a little sad about, because they're great power naps! haha) I have a fantastic teacher that I TA for who is more than incredibly understanding, I have amazing friends (both guys & girls) that I can literally count on being there for me whenever I need them. I have outstanding roommates that try to include me in everything that's going on & somehow make me smile even when I feel like crying. I have the best guy friends in the world who drop everything to give me blessings at the moment I tell them I need one. I have a stellar screenwriting professor who encourages me to better myself in my writing and tells me that I can shoot for the stars. I have the best Bishopric a college student could ever ask for. I have an incredible family who help me with anything I may be struggling with. And more importantly, I have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over me & directs my steps on the path that I'm going on.

That being said, I think it's safe to assume that I have a lot to be thankful for.

All in all, let me just close in saying that I'm sorry if I've been coming off as an ungrateful, spoiled, brat. I've discovered that the more I serve others, the happier I get, and the more I realize exactly how blessed I am.


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