Friday, November 12, 2010

You may be awesome at what you do but,

your people skills SUCK MAJOR BALLS.

Ya know, I'm 21. Twenty FREAKING one years old. Don't treat me like a mentally challenged eight year old when I walk into your office and ask you for ONE THING to rent from the costume shop.

I freaking despise people who try to make my life more difficult when it really shouldn't be. Yeah, I get that you're amazing at designing costumes & crap, but your people skills are revolting. Maybe THAT'S why you decide to work with fabric rather than with other individuals. How bout you stick to that hmmm? Because you obviously have no idea how to talk to another person without being incredibly rude. You come off as being a heinous wi-atch from the get go.

So the next time you treat me like an idiot I swear on everything holy I will go off on you & not feel sorry about it at all. I don't care how many years you've taught in the theater department. Get whatever is up your butt & causing you to have a hernia out or I'll do it for you.

People in this major take themselves far too seriously.... and I'll be happy to take you down about fifteen notches :)

Mega-Pissed off-At-the-morons-in-the-Theater-Department


  1. Don't sugarcoat it, Megs--tell us how you REALLY feel!!

    (jk--well said, my dear!)

  2. Just remember they love drama in emotional outburst would probably make their day...well, I say 'they' but I mean 'ours' - go ahead, make our day!


    P.S. Take off the freaking word verification, it's soooo annoying!!