Saturday, January 29, 2011

First time getting stitches!

Ever. And boy are they a be-yotch.

To give some background as to how this happened, let me explain. See, what had happened was, for a few years now I've had this really weird, spider bite-looking lump in the crevice between my leg and pelvis. Needless to say, it's a very bizarre spot to have a cyst. Anyways, I've had it since I could remember, about 13 or 14 years old. I just kind of thought it was an ingrown hair or something and I thought it would go away eventually.

Well, it didn't. Years passed and it gradually got bigger. I thought that maybe I should get it looked at, could be cancerous, but I always brushed it off and thought, since I'm not dead, it must not be cancer. So I didn't worry about it as much.

Friday night, it turned an ugly shade of red and started throbbing. The next day it didn't feel any better so I decided to get it looked at officially. I figured I'd waited long enough.

So I got to the community care center in Rexburg and the doctor looks at, prods it, pokes at it for a good five minutes & tells me I have a "sebaceous cyst" which is basically where your sebaceous glands under your skin fills up and gets clogged with all kinds of nasty crap. Mine was in the process of getting infected.

He gave me two options, the first was to give me antibiotics and see if it gets a little better or to remove it entirely with just a small surgical procedure. Needless to say, I told him he might as well get rid of it, since I'm not gonna want to explain that sucker to my husband on our wedding night.

So he numbs my skin, and starts goin to town. A few times he stops to mention how large this thing is & tells me it's in such an awkward spot to operate on. Yah. In more ways than one pal. Why do you think I wear shorts over my bathing suit?

30 minutes later he finally stitches me up, and tells me that he has to stitch me up inside me and outside me. Awesome! Then he lets me look at the crap he pulled out of me.

I took pictures of it & sent it to my brother to see how bad the grossness factor really was on a scale of 1-10. I got a 22, and a "you sick bastard!" out of that text message so it basically got the reaction I wanted :)

I would post them on here, but I still want people to read my blog in the years to come! Haha.

Anywho, let's just say it was a very productive day for me. I'm all stitched up, I hurt like a mo-fo, but I'm very relieved to have this thing off my body. I'll be able to unabashedly wear a swim suit come July =)



  1. We'll be forever grateful for no pictures...

  2. Ok so im not going to lie, I think thats really awesome. Thats what I do at my internship :) Take sebaceous cysts (and all manner of other weird things..) out of people. Stitches can be a B though, definitely. Strong woman! :)

  3. Oh Megan!! I'm so glad you're ok! Love you TONS, sweetie!

  4. Yeowwwwwch...rough place for a cyst...but hey, better to get it done now than in the summer...plenty of time for healin'!

  5. I had one on my posterior. (Basically right above my crack.) It, too, hurt like a mo-fo! When I could no longer sit, I had it looked at and subsequently removed. I have a nasty scar, but thankfully no one ever sees that area of my body.