Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow... just wow....

That is all I can say at this moment. I should probably back track a little.

So yesterday there were 2 job postings for English TA jobs & I applied for both of them. Almost instantaneously I get responses for both teachers & on the same day 2 interviews with both of them! I went to the first one & got it right off the bat with this way cool young professor who seems VERY laid back and super chill.

Unfortunately I had to also go to the second one & tell him I was no longer interested which kinda sucks for me because I HATE saying no to people & I ESPECIALLY HATE it when it deals with a job! But he was very nice, very amiable and congratulated me. I'm just so happy right now I could just spit! (I just love To Wong Foo! haha) & almost just as much, I know the second TA job is gonna go to another kid who really needs it, so I'm even grateful for that! That I was able to freely give that job to someone else who's struggling just like me.

So yeah, needless to say I am SO stoked! Not only does he seem like an amazing teacher, easy to talk to & easily relatable, the job description looks like a piece of cake! I have never whitnessed so many blessings within a single month--or within a single week!

Yeah... all in all, despite my bitching & complaining, it's been a good 7 week break :) & I am never EVER gonna take jobs or other opportunities for granted ever again.


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  1. You are awesome. I love you.