Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Money money money money...

I always knew that the world revolved around money. I just never thought that I would come to a point where that's all I think about. Is my paycheck going to be enough to cover rent? Is my FAFSA going to get in on time? Is it going to be enough?

Heavenly Father blessed me more than I could possibly explain. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a job after the semester in order to replenish some of the expenses that I've had to pay, namely my car, my trip to GA & NC, food, phone bills etc. And on the last day of the semester when I thought all hope was gone, I get an email from my recent boss, Tracey requesting me to start on the Tuesday following the end of the semester. Not a moment too soon, I tell you. Instantly I hit my knees & thanked him profusely.

This time I'm praying for His help again even more than ever. I now know what it's like to constantly be wondering if the next paycheck will pay rent as well as get me some decent meals. I'll never take a job for granted ever again.

It really has been a learning as well as a growing experience. I'm more wary of what I spend, more frugal in the things I buy & more watchful of my bank accounts. This was a lesson that needed to happen especially as a single adult. I'm grateful for it, but I wish I didn't have to learn it. I'm fine, financially, or at least I will be soon. Just reminiscing that's all.


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