Monday, September 20, 2010

Just waiting for my golden ticket

There's something so profoundly special about children's movies that just makes me look at life a little clearer, a little better.

I was feeling particularly small & insignificant the other night and decided to put in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (not the one with Johnny Depp. The original with Gene Wilder.) I couldn't help but start thinking about Charlie & the golden tickets. I started kinda comparing myself to him-- he wants it so badly, a ticket into a world that he only dreams of entering, while he watches as other people get those opportunities, and some of them may or may not deserve it.

But he wishes, he pines, he hopes against hope and keeps his faith through out the entire ordeal, as one by one other people find the golden tickets. Until finally, one day, when it seems like all hope is gone, that he missed his chance, he finds one. He never really lost faith, but he came so close to it until he got it at the last minute.

A cheesy analogy I know. I mean, it is a kid's movie, and on top of that a 70s kid's movie. But I couldn't help but draw parallels between my life and Charlie's life. I feel lately as if everyone is winning these golden tickets and I'm still searching for mine. I feel just like Charlie when he tells Grandpa Joe that he wants it more than anybody else does. But after one, two, three and four let downs, he finally gets it. He finally gets that golden ticket.

I know one day I'll get my golden ticket. But it may take three or four let downs to finally get it. And even though Charlie believes for a moment that there aren't anymore, he still buys a Wonka bar. In spite of the fact that everyone is saying there's no more left in the world. He still has that small bit of faith to spend his last few cents of the week to see if there's just a little bit of gold surrounding that chocolate.

Yeah yeah. It's corny I know. But I've found so much comfort in that movie, because in the end, after so many disappointments, after so many struggles, he finally gets what he wants, what he deserves.

I can only hope that I can be like Charlie and even when it seems like all is lost, I'll find that golden ticket.

Chew me out for being totally corny if you'd like haha. After comparing my life to Charlie Bucket I kinda deserve it, but I hope my point gets across.

Cheer up Charlie
Give me a smile
What happened to that smile I used to know?
Don't you know your grin has always been my sunshine
Let that sunshine show
Come on Charlie
No need to frown
Deep down you know the world is still your toy
When the world gets heavy
Never pit-a-pat 'em
Up and at 'em boy
Someday, sweet as a song
Charlie's lucky day will come along
Till that day you've gotta stay in strong Charlie
Up on top is right where you belong
Look up Charlie
You'll see a star
Just follow it and keep your dream in view
Pretty soon the sky is gonna clear up Charlie
Cheer up Charlie do
Cheer up Charlie
Just be glad you're you



  1. THAT's the spirit, dearie!!! And it's not cheesy at all--I think it's a great analogy! Just because a movie was made for kids doesn't mean it wasn't made for adults, too.

    Here's to the Oompa Loompas!!


  2. Love you too, darlin'! And take a lesson from that song - keep your head up and that sunshine in you while you wait for your dreams, ok?