Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a Kiss

Ya know, here's a little insight to the workings of the mind/heart of Megan Trijntje VerHoef.

When I kiss a guy, that sends a very powerful message. Not along the same lines as marriage, but enough of a powerful statement that's much more than "I like you, you're cool." I used to be very liberal with my kisses. I used to kiss any guy that showed interest in me.

However, over the recent year I've become very particular about the guys I kiss because every time I kiss a guy, I get attached inevitably. I'm not saying it's eternal, but I am saying there's a level of commitment and there's a certain special feeling that is shared from within me that I don't share with just any average Joe. At least not any more.

If you believe in love languages, it would probably be said that mine is physical touch, or more specifically, kissing. When I kiss someone, it runs much deeper. It means much more to me than hand holding or a "You're beautiful" or whatever else is spoken that's supposed to make me "swoon."

So when/if I kiss you do not take it lightly. I don't just kiss anybody. I kiss someone when I mean it. I kiss someone if I see it becoming official/ a relationship. I kiss someone I care about. I kiss someone that I share bits and pieces of my heart to.

I guess not everyone feels the same way I do.

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