Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The quest for the holy grail!

"Camelot!" "Camelot!" "Camelot!" "It's only a model..." "SH!"
"Good idea oh Lord!" "Course it's a good idea!"

Haha, so I'm sure you're all wondering... what is my holy grail that I have journeyed on a quest for? Well, let me show you!

TA DA!!!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... it took me 21 years to find my holy grail. The Beauty and the Beast Special Edition fresh out of the Disney vault this day, October 5, 2010.

So, you're probably not surprised to find out that this is by far, my favorite Disney movie & more than likely my favorite movie of ALL TIME. Seriously, is there anything wrong with this movie at all?! Ya got a beautiful but SMART & WITTY & IMPERFECT princess who wants more than just to marry a prince charming. Ya got amazing music with lyrics to match, ya got incredible comedy "And, as I always say. If it's not Baroque don't fix it! Haha!" ya got Angela Lansbury, ya got a moral lesson "don't judge a book by its cover" and ya got an Academy Award winner!

*Sigh* And yes. If you must know I still have a fatty crush on the Beast when he turns into a human. So sue me. I guarantee you that ya'll have crushes on prince Eric or Aladdin or for you guys out there, Ariel or Jasmine (the skanks)! haha!

So yes. Just in case you all were wondering if I have found the Grail on my crusade, ("What did you find dad?" "...Illumination" haha love Indiana Jones!) I definitely have! You may go in peace :)


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  1. Would you believe it's been out for THREE FRIGGIN WEEKS and I STILL DON'T HAVE A COPY!! AAARGH!!! What am I THINKING??