Monday, October 25, 2010

Embarrassing Moments brought to you by Megatron!

Haha so this weekend was a pretty good one. I went down to visit my sick awesome cousin & his beautiful little family & even got a date or two out of it as well!

Now I should probably put a disclaimer up somewhere, or do something like pass out flyers to make it known to all males that if they ever do end up taking me on a date I without fail do something to embarrass myself. Which isn't a bad thing usually (I pride myself in being the comic relief most days) but I figure it would be a nice thing to let gentlemen know ahead of time so they can be aware in case I do end up saying/doing something dumb.

Now, for a little backstory. My first college boyfriend that I had took me out on our first official date. He didn't have a car, but it was fine because I did. We were gonna go to Applebee's but I had to put gas in my car so I did, only I don't know why I did this, but I put the gas nozzle handle thingy down (you know when you don't want to stand there & hold the handle & wait for your gas so you put that silver thing down & it automatically stays there when your gas is pumping? Yeah. That do-hickey)
Well I wasn't meaning to fill it up all the way so I moved it back, ended up slamming my fingers and at the same time spilling gasoline all over my nice clothes. I ended up smelling like it for the rest of the night. But he was such a dear & laughed about it but didn't make it seem like he noticed it.

Another first date with a guy that I went on happened to take place at Applebee's (oh the irony!) things were going fine, he was a very attractive man, and I find that whenever I'm on a date with a very good-looking guy I get nervous & fidgety & end up putting my foot in my mouth on multiple occasions. So this time, we were talking & laughing and he mentioned how much of a good time he was having. And I proceeded to say "Yeah me too! Which is a good thing because that way we both get some." I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth and turned the brightest red I've ever been & ended up looking down at my soup for about 10 minutes trying to regain my composure. I had meant to say that 'it was a good thing that we're both having a good time' but instead that came out of my mouth. He was also very good about that incident, and just laughed about it & changed the subject.

So that's a little preview to the things that I've done on first dates that are a little comical.

This time, when I was on another first date, we went to miniature golf. And I guess it had been a while since I had gone put-puting because I apparently didn't remember that some holes that you place the ball in lead to other areas where the ball comes out in a different place. Well, I put-ed my ball into the hole & he did likewise. Well, I put my hand in the hole for about 5 minutes trying to find my freakin ball when all of a sudden I hear "Megan.... it's over here." I look over & there are our balls that have been spit out someplace else about 10 feet away from where I was. HAHA! I just scratched my head and mumbled "I knew that..." It was pretty funny & I'm actually glad it happened. Not exactly the most embarrassing thing I've ever done, but still it was a definite blonde moment for a brunette.


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