Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's really hard to get over a person

when he CONSTANTLY plagues my dreams. How can my conscious get over this guy if my subconscious keeps pulling him to the forefront of my mind when I'm asleep? This is really starting the piss me off. I've never dreamed about a guy that I've dated before. Unless it had something to do with foreshadowing which did happen once. I dreamt that the guy I was dating broke up with me and the next day he did. But other than that, I've never had this be an issue. I've dreamt of this guy twice since we broke up a week and a half ago. I'm trying desperately not to text him, desperately not to think of him, desperately not listen to songs that remind me of him... And I thought I was somewhat succeeding until night comes, and even though I try to fill my mind with Mystery Science Theater or Robert Frost or Spanish, my mind constantly turns to him once I'm asleep.

The killer part about this, is that I doubt he's even dreamed of me once.

When is spring break again?


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  1. So I'm ready to read your next post now. The one where you announce to the world that you've (figuratively, at least) taken your balls out of somebody else's purse and you're ready to take 'em all on! You said the other night that you were ready to write it. I'm ready to read it!

    It's time to put some kick-ass music on and then go kick some ass! :)

    LOVE YOU!!